My whole deal

Hello everybody I think it’s important that you all know a little about me so that you can decide whether the information I am telling you seems credible or not.

I am a 21 year old college student studying Public Relations, and although my major is not nutrition or kinesiology  I have done a lot of research on the topic to get myself into shape. I have actually done five speeches and a eight page paper on the topic of nutrition, exercise and its benefits mentally/physically.

Growing up I was actually a very heavy kid, by the time I was in 5th grade I weighted 200 pounds; and by the time I was 15 years old that had jumped to 315 pounds. At such a high weight at a young age I was setting myself up for an early grave. I was not purposely over weight, I just had not been taught the importance of eating healthy and living an active lifestyle.

So in high school I played football and got my weight down to 245 which, at the time, I thought was excellent. I was working out regularly and lifting weights all the time. I actually graduated high school in the “Thousand Pound Club” (Bench: 335 Squat:500 Clean: 245). So at this segment in my life I had been burning off a lot of calories but also still continuing my poor eating habits; once again not out of choice but out of ignorance to what I was putting into my body.

So fast forward to now, I am 21, 215 pounds and have a Body Fat percentage of >13%. I have been through ups and downs in my weight loss journey and I will get to all of that in my blog.

Thank you for your time.


This is what I look like


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