True Work Out Aids

It is easy to under rate the importance of eating throughout out the day, when you consistently eat throughout the day you keep your metabolism burning. You don’t want to eat large amounts; your goal in eating is too be satisfied. Here are some ideas for meals.

1. (breakfast) 3 egg whites, one chicken breast

2. (Snack) 2 bananas

3. (Lunch) 2 chicken breast with a side of corn

4. (Snack) Yogurt

5. (dinner) Any fish with a side of vegetables

other good snacks are  fruit salads, chicken salads with non fat dressing. You can also make a chicken sandwich

Chicken breast sandwich, Vietnamese restaurant...

Chicken breast sandwich, Vietnamese restaurant in the Carrollton section of New Orleans. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Alongside what you eat it is also important what you listen too. Music has a direct correlation to your mood. So instead of listening to music that depresses you, try listening to music that makes you want to dance however you dance.

Music I personally enjoy is something fast paced and positive; or if that doesn’t work I like really gangster rap.

Really good artist are: Hollywood Undead, Justin Beiber, NWA, Dope, Pitbull, B.O.B.

Admittedly what music motivates you is definitely a personal preference thing but these are some personal choices of mine. It is important to have a variety so you don’t get bored. You have to find something in the music that pushes you.Personally the Justin beiber song “Never Say Never” pushes me because it makes me think I can do things I never have.


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